We discover, innovate and share relevant information and knowledge to advance the travel and tourism sector.

We provide solutions to make decision making more efficient for travel lovers, destination stakeholders and tourism thinkers.




eDest analyzes the overall image of a destination and the perception of selected destination features that affect tourist experience and destination image, and compares them with the destination’s main competitors.

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eWOM measures tourist perceptions of hotels and destinations in order to provide continuous information support to hotel managers improving guest experience and optimizing promotional efforts.

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Media monitor

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We are passionate about advancing and sharing tourism knowledge. To encourage dissemination of scientific research, we share latest research achievements, particularly those that have a strong empirical value. We also follow relevant conferences and research meetings, as they stimulate greater cooperation among researchers.

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About us

Loving the buzz

We are very passionate about connecting people, places, culture and tourism. People are travellers by heart, and we want them to get informed and discover their pieces of heaven here on Earth. As John Steinbeck said, „people don’t take trips, trips take people“. Listening to the buzz of other travellers’ opinions can trigger your next perfect adventure; we are a workhorse to make that happen.

Artistic thinking

Tourism science may not seem like theoretical physics. But it is not „just geology“ either. Dealing with the complex interaction of humans and their environment, we really have to dig deep to turn the raw data into knowledge. Each color in the world carries a certain meaning, and we try to make tourism data colorful!

Above and beyond

We are passionate about our work and attentive to every detail. Just as storms make trees take deeper roots, we cherish our brainstorming discussions and different opinions. Diversity and unity is our recipe for inspiring creativity and new ideas in travelling and tourism planning. We are devoted to bridging the gap between users and generators of tourism information. And yes, we enjoy endless hours of data mining. Isn’t that crazy?

Making you happier

Conventional wisdom says that money cannot buy happiness. Behavioural scientists beg to differ. It has been proven that money spent on travel makes people happier than money spent on material goods. We are tourism enthusiasts who support the creation of new knowledge and travel innovations that may turn trips into experiential adventures and make each traveller a happier person.


Katarina Miličević, PhD

CEO and Co-founder

A true CEO. Dedicated to thinktourism 24/7. Her passion really drives this project. She never gives up, no matter what are the obstacles. When it gets tough, she gets tougher. That’s our Katarina. Our back-up and inspiration in every moment.

Her professional expertise is dominantly related to strategic planning in tourism, market research, destination marketing and branding, featured in a number of scientific and professional publications. She has extensive experience in this field, and has worked as a researcher and consultant at the Institute for Tourism in Croatia. She has participated in a number of tourism conferences and different executive education programs from marketing and tourism field, including one organized by American Marketing Association and Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia in Atlanta.

She received a PhD degree from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. You can’t say that bright ideas don’t come up at the PhD study, as at that time she came up with the idea of thinktourism! During her PhD study she was on a study visit in Doha, Qatar, working on the research project about GCC citizens’ trip characteristics and image of Croatia as a tourism destination.

Besides being thinktourism CEO, she is a part time senior lecturer at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, the only AACSB accredited business college in Croatia, and a proud President of HI CROATIA (Croatian Youth Hostel Association), which is a member of Hostelling International.

Ivan Sever, PhD


Data Scientist

Ivan is passionate about data science. He loves it because it’s so creative. You may assume, but you never know what’s behind the scenes. At least not before researching and digging up new knowledge, which is a real treat for any data scientist.

He holds a PhD in Statistics from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, and has a long-time work experience as a research methodologist at the Institute for Tourism in Croatia. As a great advocate of analytical thinking and informed decision making, he is committed to supporting travel and tourism planning with data-driven solutions.

He published a number of scientific papers, and just loves discovering, innovating and exchanging ideas that inspire creativity and action in tourism decisions. He is a member of the Croatian Statistical Association and a former member of the Croatian national cycling team.

His cycling idol was Alex Zulle, nicknamed „crazy dog“ for his aggressive riding style. Well, Ivan is our „crazy brainstormer“ – always questioning ours and his thoughts, but that’s the way to land a big one (and keep landing big ideas)!

Larisa Dukić, MSc


Content Strategist

She loves the buzz of social media. Being a passionate traveler, she also seeks experiential adventures anywhere in her life, and brings the fresh air and a ‘millennial’ touch to our thinktourism team. She is a real ‘thinker’ who follows new trends and keeps us on our toes.

Cutting the corner is not her thing. She loves new challenges, and always seeks new inspiration that will keep her excited and dedicated to further self-improvement. And she left the mark on everything that drew her attention. Her research footprint is already astonishing, contributing to different topics, such as the perception of place, sense of place, the geography of activism and transformative tourism, and also expanding to the areas of spatial planning and digital marketing. She has published several research articles and participated at several conferences and student exchange programs. She is pursuing a PhD in Human Geography at the Faculty of Science at the University of Zagreb in Croatia. During her graduate studies in geography, she gained the Dean’s Award for outstanding success in the field of Tourism and Heritage. She is a proud member of the International Critical Geography Group (ICGG) and the European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO).

She is very passionate about connecting people, places, culture and tourism. She believes that it’s her role and obligation as a geographer to change the world, even just a tiny bit. That’s why she enjoys working on projects that aim to problem-solving and „helping our fellow humans in any possible way a geographer can“. The geography of Russia, its’ culture and tradition are her obsession. Not a bad one for a true geographer. At thinktourism we all learned a few phrases of Russian. Privet!

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