10 Best Dog-Friendly Destinations in Europe

„My pet is my family.“  How many times have you heard a pet owner say that? Nowadays, more „pet parents“ than ever are packing up their pets and hitting the road. According to a survey conducted by TripAdvisor among 1,100 travelers, 53% of them travel with their pets, 52% will only stay at pet-friendly properties, […]

The Backpacker Segment in New Zealand

New Zealand – a country of breathtaking nature contrasts, a country “down under”, a true heaven for the adventure traveller. When travelling in New Zealand, you will undoubtedly enjoy its stunning landscapes and scenery, be able to taste epic adventures and meet many friendly people. Ever since the first The Lord of the Rings movies […]

Five Most Popular Tourist Sights in Russia in 2018

Russian analytical agency TurStat published a list of five most popular tourist sights in Russia in 2018 and all of them are on the UNESCO World Heritage List: 1. Red Square, Moscow: 20 million visitors a year Although most famous for its political symbolism, Moscow’s Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshchad) was actually named for its beauty: […]

National Museum of Qatar to Be Open in March

In just a month, on March 28th, the new national museum of Qatar will be open in Doha, the country’s capital. Designed as a desert rose by French architect Jean Nouvel, it’s architecture and structure „symbolize the mysteries of the desert’s concretions and crystallisations“. The museum also embraces the newly restored Palace of Sheikh Abdullah […]

Wanderlust World Guide Award Winners 2018

Each year on February 21st the International Tourist Guide Day is celebrated. To honour this event, we bring you the list of the 2018 Wanderlust World Guide Awards winners and the story of the absolute number one tour guide in the world – Julie Gabbott. The winners were announced in October 2018 at London’s Royal […]

Celebrating World Day of Social Justice

February 20th has been celebrated as United Nation’s „World Day of Social Justice“ since 2009. As the UN points out, social justice is „an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations.“ In order to advance it, barriers in form of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability need to be […]

Mexico Transforming Tourism Development Plans

According to data from Google and Expedia, a 10% fall in tourism to Mexico is expected, while a decrease of 15% of searches for Mexican destinations has already been noted. In order to cope with the latest negative trends in the tourism market, Mexico is on the verge of rebuilding its tourism industry. They decided […]

Homeless People Tours in Europe – Fighting Stereotypes and Poverty

“Other people don’t notice, but there is a reason why fig trees in public spaces never bring fruit. The homeless pick them for food before they are even ripe enough for eating.” Nowadays, the appearance and rise of homelessness is a growing issue all over the globe. People become homeless for a number of reasons […]

Not All Beaches and Sand – Sex Tourism as a Growing Problem in Thailand

Is there anyone who hasn’t the movie „The Beach“ starring Leonardo DiCaprio? Most of us did and therefore most of us know it was filmed in Thailand. After the movie was filmed in 2000, Thailand became one of the most popular tourist destinations that attract more than 30 million visitors a year. But it’s not […]

Omani Tourism Continues to Rise

„Beauty has an address“, says the official tourism slogan of Oman and it couldn’t be more accurate. Thanks to its rich history and an impressive variety of landscape combined with strategic efforts by the Omani tourism authorities, Oman has gradually opened itself to international tourism over the past ten years. Since 2010 the revenues generated […]