Travel Behaviour of Japanese and Chinese Tourists in South Korea

Chinese and Japanese tourists rank first and second in the number of people visiting South Korea each year. According to the latest survey by the Korea Tourism Organization, their habits and preferences are very different although they do agree on one thing – Seoul is their favorite city. When it comes to travel motivation, 42% […]

Engage With Your World via Justice Travel

The idea of the transformative power of tourism is finally being widely recognized. Justice Travel, a social impact travel company serves as an excellent example. It was founded by Gabriel Tobias in 2017, who after a decade of working for international NGOs started searching for new ways to fight for human rights. His ultimate goal is […]

Mass Tourism in Japan Raises Concern

The world of tourism has already witnessed the negative consequences of mass tourism on numerous occasions. However, it seems that the lesson still hasn’t been learned. Somehow, there always appears yet another mass tourism victim that now copes with the same problems as its predecessors. This time its newest victim is Japan. The tourism sector in […]

3 Beautiful French Regional Parks You Need to Visit This Summer

Inspired by the fact that France recently decided to invest more effort in pinning its regional parks on the world ecotourism map, we bring you a list of 3 French regional parks that are a must see for this season. According to the words of Mickaël Weber, President of the Federation of Regional Natural Parks […]