Bournemouth Beaches Left in a Sorry State After Being Flooded by UK Tourists

As international travel is still largely on hold, many tourists rushed to their domestic destinations as soon as the Sun came out. The beaches of Bournemouth have, unfortunately, witnessed the ugly side of this movement as thousands of British nationals flocked there to worship the Sun on the hottest day of 2020. Besides seeing the […]

Mount Taranaki, NZ Will Be Given the Same Legal Rights as a Person

The ancient giant of New Zealand will soon become the third geographic feature in the country to be granted “legal personality”, along with the Bay of Plenty and Whanganui River. Mount Taranaki is a 120,000-year-old dormant volcano reaching a height of 2,518m, situated on the West Coast of North Island. Due to its’ significance to […]

Will “Safe Travel” Be the New “Sustainable Tourism”?

For months now, the travel industry has appeared to be sinking in quicksand, with its’ metaphorical arms losing the strength they once had following the still fresh puncture wounds of lost bookings and cancellations in room nights, major events, flights and package travel. But COVID-19 is a wake-up call for the tourism sector to pull […]

Great Barrier Reef Launches a New Museum of Underwater Art

Besides striving to be a key job generator, tourism attraction, and marine science and research hub, the new Townsville museum will emphasize coral reef conservation, restoration, and education. As the only underwater art museum in the Southern Hemisphere, MOUA will complete in 2021 and will present an array of art installations created by Jason deCaires […]

WTTC Issues a Recognition Stamp for Traveler Safety & Hygiene

The World Travel & Tourism Council has been hard at work during our current pandemic. They have outlined safety precautions for several sectors within the industry spectrum, including tour operators, airlines, and hotels. They have also recognized several global destinations that prioritize traveller safety and hygiene, and have issued a certifiable stamp for each of […]

Taj Mahal Fights Air Pollution and Smog

One of the Seven Wonders of the World is suffering from enormous levels of air pollution, as it is India’s single most visited tourist attraction, with an estimated 8 million tourists visiting the UNESCO site every year. The nearest city is New Delhi, and it is reported that it recently hit an all-time high level […]

Kenya Offers Virtual Safari Tours

As a response to a worldwide COVID-19 tourism trend, Kenya has launched a virtual live stream campaign to display safaris and national park reserves across the country. This campaign will be broadcasted for 6 weeks and will be part of the ongoing Magic Awaits campaign led by the Kenya Tourism Board. As the African nation […]

Piensa en Mexico, a New Promotional Campaign by Visit Mexico

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico lost 93.7% of its revenue in tourism. The most dramatic drop was recorded in air travel, as numbers fell by 98.1%. In April 2019, 1.6 million travellers flew to the country, but in 2020 the number dropped to 31,100 travellers. In order to revive the tourism industry in the post-COVID-19 […]

Travel Slowly Returns to Italy

After several months of coping with COVID-19, Italy has officially started relaxing quarantine rules and opening its regional and international borders. Starting on June 3rd, it opened its’ borders for travellers from: the 26 other members of the EU, Schengen Area members including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City, […]