Mexico reopens UNESCO Teotihuacán for Tourism Recovery

Mexico reopens UNESCO Teotihuacan for Tourism Recovery

This year’s travel restrictions have weighed heavily on the Mexican tourism industry. International arrivals in July dropped by 90% in Mexico City and 84% in Cancun. Considering that 9% of Mexican GDP derives from the tourism industry, authorities have taken a step forward to jumpstart the sector. The UNESCO World Heritage site of Teotihuacán, also […]

3 Sustainable Tourism Businesses to Inspire You on World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day 2020 is dedicated to the topic of Tourism and Rural Development, reminding us of the important role tourism often carries in awakening rural areas around the world. Rural tourism not only drives economic development and creates job opportunities, but contributes to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage that could otherwise be damaged […]

Riga Airport Follows Plans to Become Northern European Aviation Hub

Riga Airport Follows Plans to Become Northern European Aviation Hub

As you may well know, the aviation industry has nosedived during this pandemic, as a result of cancellations and lost bookings. However, the Latvian capital is following through with a plan to transform the airport into a major Northern European focal point for airline traffic. With the aid of Cohesion Fund and their own finance, […]

Ireland Warns No-Deal Brexit May Cost €260m in Tourism Revenue

Irish Tourism Industry warns No-Deal Brexit may cost €260m in Additional Revenue

The predestined divorce of Britain to the European Union might indeed have detrimental effects on tourism revenue. Specifically, it may backfire on the Southern parliamentary Republic of Ireland,  which relies on the monetary value of the Euro, as well as both EU and British relations. The umbrella group for the tourism sector in the Republic […]

A New 100% Sustainable Energy Eco-Hotel Opens in Amsterdam

A New 100% Sustainable Energy Eco-Hotel opens in Amsterdam

A brand-new 195 room Four Elements Hotel has recently opened its doors Amsterdam. Located in the modern neighbourhood of IJburg, which is comprised of several floating homes on a man-made island, the hotel stays true to the surrounding greenery. It also backs up its’ own namesake of Four Elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water), as they […]

Best Adventure Travel Tour Companies of 2020 Have Been Unveiled

Best Adventure Travel Tour Companies of 2020 Have Been Unveiled

This year’s Best Adventure Travel Tour Companies have been carefully selected in a Top 10 List! The choice of nominees was hand-picked by editors and a panel of travel experts working with the journalist newspaper, USA Today. By reaching consensus through popular vote, the following list portrays the 10 winners of the award: MT Sobek […]

UNWTO Global Tourism Plastics Initiative to be joined by Six Senses Hotels & Resorts

The UN (UNWTO & UN Environment Programme) led Global Tourism Plastics Initiative has welcomed one of its first signatories: Six Senses Hotels Resorts & Spas. At the very nucleus of this initiative is the worldwide practice of environment and social responsibility. Considering climate change and society’s dependency on plastic products, this strategy advocates for a […]

Future Leaders in Travel Retreat Virtually Prepares Upcoming Tourism Professionals

Future Leaders in Travel Retreat Virtually Paves the Path for Upcoming Tourism Professionals

The third-annual conference to direct and advise future leaders in the Travel & Tourism industry kickstarted online between Aug 31 and Sept 2, 2020. Profoundly dedicated to inspiring the next generation travel entrepreneurs; Future Leaders in Travel Retreat provides inside knowledge into the field of travel & tourism supply and demand. The aim is to […]

Empire State Building opens Panoramic 102nd Floor to the Public

Empire State Building

The buzzing street life of New Your City can now be seen from a birds-eye view! The famous Empire State Building is opening its’ 102nd-floor observatory to the public, offering 360-degree views of the City that never sleeps. Visitors will enter a glass elevator on the 86th floor leading to the needle, where vantage points […]