Amsterdam Restricts Airbnb in Three Neighborhoods

The decision has been made: Amsterdam is to ban Airbnb rentals and other platforms from three districts in the city. The remaining neighbourhoods will only allow holiday rentals with a permit, limiting tourists from renting out homes for a max amount of 30 nights a year. The choice emerged from a survey conducted with the local community, where 75% voted in favour of banning home rental operations in the districts of Burgwallen-Oude Zijde, Burgwallen-Nieuwe Zijde, and Grachtengordel-Zuid.

The pressure of tourism, and precisely of the invasive and disrespectful type of it, has affected the quality of life of Amsterdam’s residents. One in five houses is advertised as a holiday rental, meaning that entire neighbourhoods are susceptible to temporary tourists, their behaviours and all other impacts associated with rental platforms.

July 1st was the date of implementation of the new permit system, which dictates that a home offered up for rental must be inhabited for at least 30 days and with a maximum amount of 4 people, and no more. Furthermore, a regular report must be issued to the Municipality every time the owner finds a renter.

Amsterdam is committed in its’ objectives to improve the quality of life and preserve the beauty of its’ heritage, so will conduct the study again within 2 years. If citizens still feel the way they do now, more neighbourhoods will be added to the list.

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