Bournemouth Beaches Left in a Sorry State After Being Flooded by UK Tourists

As international travel is still largely on hold, many tourists rushed to their domestic destinations as soon as the Sun came out. The beaches of Bournemouth have, unfortunately, witnessed the ugly side of this movement as thousands of British nationals flocked there to worship the Sun on the hottest day of 2020.

Besides seeing the overwhelming lack of face masks and social distancing, the early morning pictures of Bournemouth beaches taken by local residents are devastating. Almost 12 tons worth of plastic bags, bottles, picnic and BBQ leftovers and all kinds of rubbish, as well as tents (despite a ban on camping), were left scattered at the beach, leaving the natural spot as if it were a garbage dump.

A nearby resident, Alex Rimell, said that he headed to the beach in the early hours of Thursday and witnessed the awful scene. He told the Standard: “It was hard to divert my attention away from the amount of rubbish left in the gardens and on the beach.” Mr Rimell, who had a bin liner and plastic gloves in his car, said he filled up a full bag within 10 minutes, despite only covering a short distance.

Photograph: Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images

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