Collect Garbage and Get a Free Guided Tour in Berlin

Many cities in the world are coping with the negative impacts of overtourism. As a result, various creative initiatives started emerging, striving to make a positive impact on the everyday life of the city – be it a small or a big one. In Berlin, the city’s districts of Pankow and Mitte started taking action against the massive littering in the city centre. Together with the international provider of city tours Sandemans New Europe, local authorities created an initiative through which tourists are joining locals in cleaning up the city. The idea: instead of spending a lot of money on a city tour, visitors collect garbage in Berlin’s parks for an hour and in return, they take part in a free guided tour, receive gifts and a picnic.


The organisers are aware that a one-off clean-up cannot solve the basic problem. However, they want to raise awareness that we’re all responsible for the appearance of the problem. Another reason why the campaign was created is avoiding conflicts. As problems like noise and litter rise, so does the possibility of conflict between residents and tourists. Through working together, they show their mutual care for the city.

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