Mallorca Turisme: First in Europe to be Certified with UNWTO.QUEST

You might know the Balearic island of Mallorca as one (of the many) pre-pandemic sun-sea-sand Spanish region for British tourists. Well, it is now shedding its party reputation behind, as it possesses enormous potential for a sustainable and heritage-based tourism management style.

Lately, The Destination Management Organization (DMO) of the island, Fundació Mallorca Turisme, has been excelling as a high-quality promotion and branding institution. As an affiliate to UNWTO itself (whose work encompasses the recognition of excellence and quality in destination management for the benefit of the entire sector), Mallorca Turisme has been granted the international certificate of UNWTO.QUEST. This international benchmark was created in order to recognise and advertise the excellence and quality of a DMO in three key areas:

1. Strategic leadership.
2. Effective execution of tasks.
3. Efficient governance.

Fundació Mallorca Turisme has scored very highly in all three levels by communicating a thorough and sustainable destination identity, promoting cultural events, inspiring brand competitiveness and cooperating with various partners and public institutions, such as the academic sector, to achieve their goals. With this accreditation conceded by the UNWTO, Mallorca’s DMO becomes the 1st in Europe and the 4th in the World to receive it.

Upon receiving the news, the President of the Mallorca Island Council, Catalina Cladera, pronounced a few words on the matter: “Mallorca is proud to have obtained the UNWTO.QUEST certification, a distinction that positions us as one of the leading destinations in tourism for efficient governance, strategic leadership capacity and effective execution of plans and actions. Our island has shown, through this comprehensive examination, that the tourism management strategy and formulas are in line with the principles promoted by the UNWTO.


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