Mondulkiri Province Labelled Biggest Eco/Agritourism Spot in Cambodia

In the authority of the Cambodian Ministry of Economy & Finance, the province of Mondulkiri has been praised for its likeliness to transform into the largest ecotourism and agritourism destination in the country.

The province covers more than 14,000 square meters, and its population is quite scattered, with 390 km distance between one town and the other. The area houses large wildlife and forest expansions, 3 great rivers, and the popular waterfall of ‘Bou Sra’. Besides the nature-based attractions, agricultural tourism is gaining traction, too! Rubber, cashew-nut, palm oil, and mango plantations have great potential to increase visitor numbers, according to Chuk Chumno, a spokesman for the Ministry of Tourism.

Nevertheless, it is the indigenous people who bring life to tourism, and the Ministry has assessed their potential to attract respectful tourists for educational trips. The states’ feasibility study emphasizes the need for innovation and sustainability over the next 20 years and involves a domestic/international upgrade for the capitals’ airport, and the hiring of an external company to assess and prepare a Master Plan to attract value-based tourism while enhancing natural, indigenous and agricultural heritage.

The Secretary of State for the Cambodian Ministry of Economy & Finance, Vongsey Vissoth, explained the purpose of a detailed Master Plan for the region: “We want to see the Master Plan to describe the reality of the tourism sectors, tourism destinations, issues, and potential. We also have to think about the investment, strategy, policy, connectivity, security, and social order. We have to think about the longer-term strategy for keeping the tourism sector growing, healthy, and sustainable. We now have an airport, good connectivity and roads but we have to ensure we have the hospitality to attract the tourists too.”


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