New resort-based Medicinal Cannabis dispensary opened in Negril, Jamaica

New Resort-Based Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary Opened in Negril, Jamaica

The Jamaican resort chain Hedonism II, founded on Epicurean principles of pleasure, is pioneering its’ very own medical marijuana dispensary called “HedoWeedo”.

Inspired by the longest-running store in Denver, “Green Mile”, the dispensary is located within the Hedonism II resort in Negril, however, it is not part of the all-inclusive package.  Resort guests and non-guests will be able to enjoy a top-class service as they purchase their legal medicinal cannabis, with products ranging from oils, flowers, joints and equipment: All locally sourced from licensed Jamaican farmers, and in accordance with Jamaican national cannabis law. A medicinal card is required, which can be obtained from an on-site doctor, a registered physician, or brought from home.

With a cash-only policy, the dispensary is open from 11 am to 11 pm. Consumers will only be able to possess up to 56 grams at a time, and the purchase will be tracked by a POS system. Smoking inside guest rooms will still be prohibited, but designated areas are available all throughout the resort. As a further ‘green’ treat, HedoWeedo is planning to build a Therapeutic Spa based on the benefits of cannabis healing properties through treatments and massages.


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