The Best and the Worst Cities for Cyclists

Only recently, a “Global bicycle cities index 2019″ was conducted in 90 cities around the world. It focused on the comfort of the cyclists and the conditions they face. The cities were ranked in accordance with several factors, such as the bicycle theft rate, percentage of bike users in the city, number of infrastructure investments, etc. divided into six main categories: weather, percentage bicycle usage, crime & safety, infrastructure, sharing, events. Here is the list of the top 10 cities in the world:

1. Utrecht, Netherlands (77.84)
2. Munster, Germany (66.15)
3. Antwerp, Belgium (60.51)
4. Copenhagen, Denmark (60.46)
5. Amsterdam, Netherlands (60.24)
6. Malmo, Sweden (55.88)
7. Auckland, New Zealand (55.38)
8. Hangzhou, China (52.55)
9. Bern, Switzerland (48.76)
10.Bremen, Germany (48.41)

As can be seen, European cities are at the top of the list with Utrecht being the best city for cyclists. Somewhat surprising, the study also showed that the majority of the world’s major cities are at the bottom of the list primarily because they lack infrastructure. There are even some cities, like the largest cities in the US, that are considered quite dangerous for cyclists. For example, Boston has the greatest number of bicycle-related injuries (3,4%). Like in any other sector, we could have concluded that developing countries don’t have an optimal level of comfort of cyclists. The least safe city for cyclists in the world is Johannesburg (SA), followed by Casablanca (Morocco), Cali and Medellin (Colombia). The worst city for the comfort of cyclists is Lagos, with an index of 11.81, Moscow, Tbilisi, and Bangkok are also among the last cities.

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