“The Honest Guide” Exposes Prague’s Tourist Traps & Promotes Respectful Tourism

Globally known for its medieval squares, romantic bridges, Baroque and Gothic cathedrals, energetic nightlife and cultural/artistic heritage (Such as being the birthplace & residence of the celebrated author Franz Kafka- To which the airport owes its name), Prague is a beloved destination for travellers from all corners of the world.

It is, therefore, an extremely touristic city, considering it receives over 8 million visitors each year.

Undoubtedly, a tourism influx of this magnitude comes with greater economic benefits for the city and its surroundings and supposedly, a higher standard of living. Nevertheless, it also brings undesirable circumstances (for tourists and locals alike) caused by the massification of tourism itself.

Janek Rubeš is a Czech journalist, documentarist and vlogger that, together with his cameraman Honza Mikulka, manage the youtube account The Honest Guidewrite in the The Honest Blog and have a published Travel Guide. In their videos, they advise potential tourists on how to behave, where to go and what to avoid in Prague. Their goal is for visitors to be respectful of Prague’s cultural heritage and lifestyle and to learn from it with an open mind, but the vloggers also want their city to be free of any type of deception that may leave them with an unsatisfactory travel experience. In fact, in many of their videos, Janek and Honza are determined to expose Prague’s tourist traps and scams (which, by the way, are also present in many other popular destinations such as Paris, London, New York or Barcelona), and are often threatened when confronting the cheats.

Some of the scams and frauds they expose include souvenir shops, stalls or restaurants selling unoriginal and poor quality products for astronomically high prices. Elaborate tricks involving cash exchanges created by street mobs to rob you of your money without your knowledge. People pretending to be deaf, mute, or Tibetan monks to raise money for fake charities, or even ATM machines created for the sole purpose of charging you an insane exchange rate if you withdraw with a foreign card.

This is a reality for many travellers around the world in countless destinations, and it is clearly not talked about enough. If you have been a victim of such disgraceful ploys while on a holiday, The Honest Guide assures you that you are not alone. They will help you spot them to avoid these crooks like the plague.

Not only that, but they will give you useful tips on how and where to spend your money in the most convenient ways, and offer insider knowledge to visit only the most authentic tourist attractions, sample traditional Czech cuisine, and find the most charming routes ‘off the beaten path’.

By being fully aware and alert of the destination’s public environment, as well as your own behaviour while travelling, you characterize an enlightened travel etiquette and are therefore guaranteed a real cultural experience that will leave you with only positive memories of Prague.

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